Experience the restorative and healing power of reiki.

Filippo Conte, founder of Olistika, created his business to help people unlock their own natural healing powers and promote holistic wellness — something that helped him work through years of anxiety and depression.  Located in downtown Toronto, Olistika offers alternative therapy treatments, including reiki, aromatherapy and reflexology (sometimes all in one session) to bring patients back to an inner sense of well-being. 

Before we began, Conte explained how reiki first worked: “Everything is made of energy: We have molecules moving through all of our cells. Even inanimate objects are made of cells and molecules, which are made of energy. Just like you can put an electrical current into objects, reiki works in a similar way in the body.“

Reiki is done lying down, fully clothed, while the reiki master uses his hands to direct energy to 20 to 25 spots on a client’s body, focusing around the chakras and their limbs. 

Through energy transfer, reiki helps balance and release blockages that are mental, emotional or physical. The energy provides healing power that alleviates inflammation, mental health issues, an overactive mind and even pain. I could feel the energy in my body in the form of muscle spasms. The aromatherapy and reflexology, combined with reiki, helped alleviate the emotional tension and stress I had been experiencing. I walked away with a clearer perspective on ways to cope with stress and an appreciation for this new practice that I will continue to pursue for my own personal health and wellness.