13 06 juice cleanse whats a try fruit vegetablesSee how our editor fared when she tried a juice cleanse to help kick bad eating habits.

Fasting increases the elimination of wastes and powers up the healing processes in the body. So when Raw Juice Guru approached me to do a three-day juice cleanse I jumped at the opportunity as I wanted to curb some bad eating habits, boost my immune system and feel more relaxed. Two days prior I was asked to stop eating meat, dairy, caffeine, alcohol and processed foods to prepare for the juice feasting. This eases your body into the fast and limits the severity of cleanse symptoms. During the prep I had to accommodate my methods of cooking to fit these restrictions. However, with the choice of grains, such as quinoa, lentils, salads and fruits I managed (well, that is, minus my yearning for cheese)!

On Day 1 there was a portable cooler outside my doorstep bright and early accompanied by an email to my iPhone from Raw Juice Guru with a list of my customized juices and the order to drink in them. Delivery was always on time and as long as you are in the delivery territory this service is included. The cooler had eight bottles: six 16 oz bottles of freshly pressed juice and two smaller vials of “elixirs,” stronger concentrated liquids that needed to be consumed with a bottle of water. Each bottle of juice was to be consumed within 90 minutes to two hours. So, I set out on my first juice for breakfast.

The first day went smooth, the juices tasted good and I only felt a bit more tired than usual, which is normal during a cleanse of this type. The second day I had a minor headache and by the third day I had a very runny nose. When I shared my symptoms with Eliane, the owner of Raw Juice Guru, she explained that these were all ways that my body was ridding itself of toxins. Everyone has slightly different symptoms; some people even experience nausea and achiness. It simply depends on your body.

By the second day I enjoyed the taste of the greener juices than the fruitier ones, which started to feel too sweet. Despite all of this positivity, however, by the third day I really wanted solid food. I missed my lunch salads, hearty oatmeal breakfast and dreamed of burgers all day. Specifically, in the late afternoon around 3 pm I always wanted a snack. So on the third day I caved and ate a square of chocolate and a few rice crackers at my desk, after all I am a foodie! But, after that I did stop eating and resolved to finish my cleanse as originally planned.

Post-cleanse I find myself sleeping better, craving less sugary snacks and feel a general sense of discipline when eating. I may not have lost any weight, but the cleanse taught me the concept of mind over matter. I feel less bloated and I am eating cleaner. Translation? I’m enjoying more leafy greens and less processed foods.

Tips to Survive Your Cleanse

1. Inform Raw Juice Guru of any health concerns you have or medications you take so they can tailor your juices and help avoid complications.

2. During the prep period cook recipes that are easy and sound delicious. Don’t just eat something because it sounds good for you.

3. When I got hungry, the easiest thing to do was drink water, and the detox tea given with the juice to stave off hunger. The liquid makes you feel fuller. Keep your mind occupied so you avoid thinking about food. Read a book or catch up on television shows.

Cost: $240 for three-day juice feast (rawjuiceguru.com); however one can arrange a cleanse that lasts for up to 28 days.