13 05 fitwall vertical workoutThe vertical workout known as FitWall has come to Canada!

This intense exercise class uses a ladder-like wall that only allows you to hang on with the tips of your toes and fingers. This means you’re unstable the entire time and working every muscle group to the max. It also gives you a great cardio work out as well in just one half-hour class (we burned 350 calories in our first session!). Every participant is hooked up to a monitoring system while experienced trainers help keep you in the proper heart-rate zone and switch up the routines to keep you challenged. The system also tracks your progress and calorie burn over time. Classes end with yoga stretches on the wall, which help to decompress your joints. FitWall is perfect for those who can’t handle a lot of joint pressure or want to try something different from their regular sweat session. 

Classes are small, and the FitWall can also be used for private physical rehabilitation. Even though we were pretty sore the next day we would recommend this workout to anyone looking to elevate his or her fitness routine.

Try it today at FitWall the Studio, 675 Bayview Avenue, Toronto fitwallleaside.ca.