We share to must-have items for eco-conscious yogis.

Relax and exhale knowing you are doing a good deed for the planet with Gaiam Sol Suddha Eco Yoga Mat ($39.98, Gaiam.com, Amazon.com). Made with TPE, a 100 per cent recyclable and biodegradable material, the mat’s closed cell structure locks out moisture, germs and odours. So we can breathe in and out freshly each time we do a sun salutation. Plus it’s slip resistant, so it even works well when we are working up a sweat.

When it comes to our yoga gear, we all know it’s a huge investment, and regular detergents and softeners can often wear it out quickly. By using Fresh Fashion Care Yoga & Fitness Wear Wash ($9.99, forevernew.com), a delicate cleansing soap, our yoga wear maintains its shape and elasticity. That means less time and money on shopping over and over again for yoga pants! The rinse prevents harsh smells from building up in the fabric, and the scent is light and refreshing, not over powering.

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