Now that you've gotten a start on your weight loss plan, incorporate these three simple steps to make sure you stick to your weight loss goals!

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Now that the ball has dropped and everyone seems to be talking about their weight loss plans for 2017, you may be questioning how you're going to keep sticking to yours for another 352 days. As an addition to our post-holiday weight loss guide, here are three more simple steps you can incorporate into your plans this year to ensure you reach your weight loss goals by December 31—and you can toast yourself with a glass a champagne.

Step 1: Switch Up Your Workouts

Gyms and fitness classes across the country over are often filled to the brim with bodies during the first week of January. Unfortunately, numbers drop drastically often before the final thaw, but you won't be part of that statistic if you follow this personal trainer's advice...

"Eighty percent of all New Year’s fitness resolutions fall short of completion. The reason: lack of inspiration leads to loss of motivation,” says Brent Bishop, a Toronto-based personal trainer, fitness brand amabassador for New Balance Canada and president of Think Fitness Studios (; “Injecting new life into your workout routine can ensure that you keep things not only physically fresh, but also mentally stimulating.”

Instead of heading to the gym to trudge through a monotonous workout that bores you, follow Bishop’s advice and make a list of activities that you enjoy or have always wanted to try. You can even consider one-off events that get you moving in a fun, new way like Daybreaker. Once you've created your list, put it into action!

TIP: Keep adding to that list of workouts you'd like to try or events and classes you're interested in attending every month, even if it's just adding one new option or replacing the ones you tried and hated with new ideas.

Step 2: Create a Workout Schedule and Meal Plan

Like showering or brushing your teeth, healthy living should be part of your daily routine. However, Joy McCarthy, a holistic nutritionist and author of Joyous Health: Eat & Live Well without Dieting (, explains that following a set plan can be vital for success in the beginning: “Sticking to a plan will teach and slowly guide you towards a new way of eating."

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When it comes to fitness, Bishop agrees: “People are creatures of habit. To be successful and promote long-term results, it is important to establish a set routine that you can stick to. Merely telling yourself that you will workout three or four days a week leaves you more open to excuses.”

Start by slotting in two to three times each week for working out and take a half-hour each Sunday morning to write down a meal plan for the week.

TIP: Not sure you can stick to a workout schedule? Find someone to attend the same two classes with you every week to begin to ensure you're  being held accountable. As for feeling burnt out, making a couple big changes to your schedule and making healthy, home-cooked meals (rather than ordering takeout) may leave you feeling tired. Give yourself a break from cooking by pairing up with a friend to cook one meal per week for each other. As well, consider making larger meals during the week to leave yourself some leftovers one or two nights, so you don't have to cook after getting home from a solid workout at the gym.

Step 3: Share Your Plan on Social Media or by Email

This step might sound a little silly, especially to those who feel food pics and gym selfies are over-sharing. However, to further boost your odds of success, keeping yourself accountable is key and sharing your plans with others is the best way to do so.

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Communicate your goals to your family and friends, and use social media to your advantage. Posting your schedule, meal plan, workouts or food photos on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram will help keep you on your toes!

TIP: Consider creating an Instagram account for your healthy meals and share what you learn in the kitchen along the way. Alternatively, you could create a blog where you can talk about the newest workouts you've tried and what worked for you or what didn't. If you're more of a private person, ask a couple close friends or family members if you can send them weekly updates via email discussing your challenges and triumphs, so they may support you along the way. Feel free to add our digital editor, Erin (, to your email list, too—she's all about cheerleading and good vibes!