Topical treatments aren’t the only option in the quest for stronger, thicker hair.

Instead, improve your tresses from the inside out. Especially if you suffer from thinning locks, these top two picks are sure to thrill you.

1. NEW NORDIC HAIR VOLUME (30 tablets, $27.95,

This supplement nourishes and strengthens the hair and also contributes to maintaining normal hair and nails. Plus, it helps maintain healthy skin. The formula is based on vitamins, minerals and innovative hair growth factors from apples. New Nordic Hair Volume also contains millet extract, organic silica and B vitamins, which help boost hair growth and volume. Plus, it contains amino acids and minerals including copper, which can help you avoid grey hairs! Finally, it contains zinc, which helps improve the skin and strengthen the nails.

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2. VIVISCAL MAXIMUM STRENGTH HAIR NOURISHMENT SYSTEM (60 tablets, $59.99, at Loblaws and London Drugs;

This supplement is scientifically formulated with an exclusive marine complex that combines marine protein, minerals and vitamins that are key to regenerating new cells and feeding the ones that already exist. The tablets also contain horsetail extract, which is known to have beneficial effects on hair, skin and nails, and acerola cherry, one of the highest grades of vitamin C. And the results are supported by seven scientific studies in which 95 per cent of patients (both male and female) showed re-growth of hair after six months of use.

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