Like winter, summer comes with its own food temptations — barbeques, picnics and the ice cream truck all loom large during the hot months.

But with these few simple tricks, it's easy to enjoy yourself and keep the pounds from creeping up on you.

1. Go the farmer's market

The best fruits and veggies are in season right now — like berries, melons, greens, tomatoes, cucumbers and peas — and most fruits and veggies are so low in calories that you can eat nearly as much as you'd like (without fattening dips, of course, and keeping in mind that fruits can be high in sugar and veggies should be your priority.). Get inspired for your summer meals with a trip to the local farmer's market, where you can get fresh, in-season produce that you want. Most Canadian towns and cities have one; go to to find the one nearest you!

2. Take advantage of longer days and good weather

With more hours of sunlight than at any other time of the year, summer provides the perfect opportunity to fit in extra physical activity. Go for a walk or bike ride after dinner, go the beach for a day of swimming, or just use the extra hours of daylight to get in more exercise than you would be able to in the winter. And with the weather so beautiful, you can walk, bike or rollerblade to do your errands or go to work (instead of driving).

3. Dine outside

Studies have shown that we eat less when the light is bright (this is true indoors too!), and we eat more slowly outside because there are more stimuli — birds, kids playing, and people passing by. Take advantage of your own backyard or balcony, or go to the patio of your favourite restaurant.

4. Build a better burger

Use leaner meats (like turkey, chicken, lamb or even elk), ask for your bun "dry" (or unbuttered), skip high calorie condiments like mayonnaise and cheese, or omit the bun entirely at your next backyard barbeque.

5. Choose alcoholic beverages wisely

Wine and straight liquor on the rocks have much fewer calories than beer or cocktails. Avoid anything frozen or mixed — it's likely full of sugar.

6. Show more skin

Studies have shown that women who wear tighter, more revealing clothing tend to eat less, probably because it's much easier to gauge if you've overdone it when you're wearing clothes that aren't too big. So wear your short-shorts proudly!