This year, starlet Eva Mendes became the official ambassador for Reebok EasyTone, a new line of clothing for women with athletic bands woven into the fabric.

And she's not the only one singing the praises of EasyTone, which is catching on as the latest active–wear trend.

Inspired by the EasyTone footwear brand, EasyTone Apparel is Reebok's first toning apparel line and features stylish tops and bottoms designed to help tone key muscles, as a part of a healthy fitness lifestyle.

(This means they don't work if you're sitting on the couch or at your desk—you still have to get up and move!)

The apparel line uses Reebok's proprietary ResisTone™ bands to create resistance. The bands are constructed from resistant yet flexible material and are strategically placed on the apparel based on anatomical research. If you're not comfortable with a snug fit, the top can be worn under a looser fitting shirt, almost like a sport's bra or under–armour, and the efficiency of the bands won't be compromised.

EasyTone pants, capri pants and shorts are designed to help tone the hamstring, quadriceps and butt muscles with every step, and EasyTone upper body apparel, which includes long bra styles and short–sleeved and sleeveless shirts, is designed to help tone key upper body muscles and promote greater postural alignment.

 Reebok EasyTone apparel and footwear is available at select Sport Chek locations across Canada. The EasyTone collection includes pants ($79.99), capri pants ($69.99), shorts ($54.99), long bra style shirts ($64.99), short–sleeved shirts ($59.99), sleeveless shirts ($54.99) and shoes ($109.99).