Looking for fall outdoor workout ideas? We have you covered with the help of Nike Master Trainer Eva Redpath.

161012 OutdoorFallWorkouts mainFall is officially here and while autumn’s mornings may be a little crisper than those warm summer sunrises, nature is still a pretty perfect training ground for your daily workouts. Better yet, since the mercury has gone down so much since September 22, you can fit in an outdoor workout at any time of the day without becoming uncomfortably drenched in sweat (finally, right?).

For a quick fall outdoor workout routine, we caught up with Nike Master Trainer Eva Redpath, who offered up her top fall exercise tips and favourite moves to get fit.

First off, for those technologically inclined and looking to stick to their sweat schedule without a personal trainer, Redpath recommends downloading the Nike+ Training Club app. “It’s the ultimate personal trainer in your pocket,” says Redpath. “There are a number of workouts that require no equipment, making them easier to do anywhere and at any time.”

She also recommends incorporating outdoor elements, like ledges, playground equipment (for the multi-tasking moms out there) and hills to shuffle up your routine and get you excited for your next workout challenge.

Redpath’s favourite moves, which can be incorporated into any workout routine—meaning you don’t have to change everything—include the following:

Triceps Dips

“For an upper-body burn, use the seat of a bench for triceps dips,” recommends Redpath. To start a triceps dip, sit on a park bench or seat. Place your hands on the bench, shoulder-width apart and fingers extending past the edge of the bench seat. Slide your butt off the bench with your legs outstretched in front of you (don’t allow your knees to lock). Gradually lower your body, bending your elbows and keeping your back straight and close to the bench, until your arms form a 90-degree angle, then press into the bench using your triceps to lift you back up. Ensure your abs are always engaged, your shoulders are lowered and your elbows remain unlocked to avoid placing too much pressure on your joints.

Reverse Lunges

“To up the intensity of the workout favourite, use a bench or steep hill to create an elevated incline for reverse lunges,” Redpath recommends. A reverse lunge isn’t all that different from a regular lunge; simply step backward with one leg, rather than forward, before lowering your body and returning to stand. To increase the intensity, we recommend adding weights or simply holding your hands above your head, rather than having them resting on your waist.

Monkey Bar Pull-ups

Here’s the move we’re recommending for multi-tasking moms. Using the monkey bars, pull-ups will help you “challenge your upper body and core,” says Redpath. Not strong enough to pull yourself up? Work on your grip strength by simply hanging there, ensuring your shoulders are engaged, decreasing strain on your spine. Gradually work on your arm and shoulder strength and you’ll work your way up to pull-ups.

Toe Taps

“To get your heart rate up and strengthen your lower body, try alternating toe taps on a ledge,” says Redpath. We recommend starting with a ledge the height of a curb or slightly higher. Tap the top of the ledge/curb with one foot, then place that foot to the ground and tap the top of the ledge/curb with the alternate foot. Switch back and forth, keeping your abs engaged. Once you’re sure your balance is in check using a lower ledge, upgrade to a higher curb or low bench.

We recommend attempting three sets of 10 of each of these exercises with a rest between each set, working your way up from there. If you can do more right off the bat, push yourself to do more. However, you should never sacrifice quality (posture and engagement) for quantity.

161012 OutdoorFallWorkouts evaredpath“These four moves will have you sweating in no time,” says Redpath. “ But if you’re looking for a complete new workout that incorporates these moves, check out Abs & Arms, Plank Jump, or Double Down in the Nike+ Training Club app.”

For more workout ideas—or just some straight-up #goals inspo—follow Eva Redpath on Instagram at @evaredpath.

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