Buying running shoes can be confusing. Follow these three tips to find the perfect pair!

0914 WellnessShoes sliderIf you’re in the market for new running shoes for your workout needs (or maybe you’re an avid marathon runner?), here are three tips courtesy of Saucony Canada, an authority in running gear since 1898, to make sure you end up with the perfect pair (then you can go get that perfect workout outfit to match!).

1. Go shopping later in the day: Over the course of the day your feet swell (similar to what happens when our feet sweat when you’re active), so you’ll end up with a more comfortable fit.

2. Leave a thumb's width of space for your toes: When you try on a pair of shoes, make sure you leave at least a thumb’s width of room at the end of your toes for wiggle room.

3. Bigger is better when it comes to running shoes: Always opt for a half size larger than what you would normally wear in street shoes.

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