5 foods to include in your diet this fall.

eat seasonal local produce

The availability of produce is never an issue given the ease of food exports. But whenI think of the journey that a mango from Mexico takes to reach me here in Toronto in winter and the use of pesticides to make sure it’s still edible when I put it in my grocery cart, I think twice before buying it. After all, our bodies weren’t designed to eat every single vegetable and fruit on the face of this earth 365 days a year. By eating seasonally, you’ll eat fresher foods, support local farmers and retailers and maintain a stronger immune system because of the reduced chance of contamination. By rotating your produce regularly (in addition to all of your foods), you are also less likely to develop food intolerances. Finally, you’ll sleep better at night knowing where your food came from and trust in the labour and farming practices they use. It’s a win-win for everyone. 

Here are five healthy foods to incorporate into your diet this fall: