Ditch the fad diets and still achieve your health and wellness goals.

Eat this, lose that. Juice cleanse here, detox there. If your goals for 2015 include eating better and losing weight, then forget about fad diets with ridiculous promises! Throughout my years working in the health and fitness industry, I’ve seen and heard every excuse in the book for people not achieving their weight loss goals. But enough is enough. Getting healthy isn’t a resolution: It’s a commitment to improving your lifestyle on all fronts. So let’s embrace February and hit the ‘restart’ button! At the end of the day, only YOU are accountable for your successes or failures, so let’s start with you!


Regardless of the path you choose, my hope is that you will look at weight loss as not the end all and be all to life. It’s more about living a healthy, joy-full lifestyle that you feel excited to embrace every morning. Namaste!