An exercise regimen we can get on board with.

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We have all heard of (or made up) millions of excuses not to go to the gym—it’s raining, I’m tired, I don’t feel like it, it’s too hot, it’s too cold. Now we’ve truly run out of reasons: Essentrics fitness brings the gym to you, with high intensity and effective at-home workout DVDs.

Essentrics flagship location is in Montreal and there are various certified instructors around the world, but Sahra Esmonde-White, co-owner and CEO of Essentrics, brings a wide selection of fitness DVDs for us to use at home. Since the workouts don’t require special equipment, anyone can do them.

The workouts combine dynamic movements and stretches help to tone the body, and develop lean and strong, flexible muscles. The benefits: an improvement in energy levels and posture. Essentrics aims to change the way people perceive fitness: a healthy, fit individual should be able to live their lives fully mobile and without any joint or muscular pain. A large part of this involves unlocking the parts our bodies that are tight with tension, to allow us free range of motion and a true state of fitness.

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We chatted with Sahra Esmonde-White about the program and it’s results.

Elevate: How do you think exercise factors into anti­aging regimens?

S.E.W: The correct type of exercise is so important in the anti­aging mix. A body that looks and feels youthful is one that is free of aches and pains and has balanced flexibility, movement, and strength; everything you need in an anti­aging exercise program. Some exercise can harm and injure you, which will actually cause you to age very fast. An injury means months of no exercise at all. The correct exercise keeps you vibrant and energetic—it feeds your skin and brings a natural glow!

Elevate: How is Essentrics unique from Pilates and yoga?

S.E.W: Essentrics works every muscle in the body from head to toe, strengthens long lean muscles and increases flexibility. This is done through a dynamic combination of stretching and strengthening, and set to music to keep the pace moving. It’s a technique that doesn’t put any weight on the joints, but rather creates freedom in the joints to help you look, move and feel younger.

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Elevate: Is it ok to practice Essentrics with a back or knee injury?

S.E.W: Essentrics was created to heal and prevent back pain while building full body strength and tone. It has developed into a program that many professional and Olympic level athletes have adopted because of its therapeutic benefits. If your doctor or physical therapist has told you to move and exercise, then Essentrics is the program for you! It will help heal and prevent future injuries. It’s a go­at­your­own­pace workout so there are no classes that are targeted for specific fitness levels.

Elevate: What differences do you notice most in your clients that come to class regularly?

S.E.W: At the end of every Essentrics class students have more energy, feel taller, and have a renewed sense of freedom in their body. This is because they have strengthened their muscles in an elongated position, giving freedom in all their joints and the flexibility and strength to stand taller. After a few weeks they notice a thinner waist, more definition in their shoulders and arms as well as the thinning of their thighs.