Stay healthy and in shape with these great user-friendly multi-platform apps!

14 08 21 wellness

Keeping in shape throughout the year is always a challenge, especially when a sunny patio and other countless social gatherings tempt us from our regular fitness routines during summer. But with the help of these digital apps, maintaining regular activity levels and a balanced diet is less overwhelming and even fun. But don’t just take our word for it; you’ll have to give hese tech-savvy wellness aids a go yourself!

1. My Virtual Yoga

An interactive bilingual web platform that attracts both yoga beginners and experts, My Virtual Yoga ( includes everything from an educational guide on the different types of yoga to videos to follow for your workouts, so you can fully embrace and incorporate the practice of yoga into your life. “We have created a platform to connect anyone interested in yoga with qualified instructors, thus aiming to become the yoga and wellbeing reference source. We are also planning to organize retreats, special events and workshops very soon, as well as facilitate discussions about yoga and wellbeing on social media networks,” says founder Annie Langlois. Membership to the site is a paid subscription that starts at  $19 per month, or one can purchase downloads of a la carte yoga videos at a range of  $4 to $9 per video.

2. My Fitness Pal

A successful fitness plan often renders the best results when combined with a balanced diet, but keeping track of the calories we eat is difficult if we are just doing so in our heads. Enter My Fitness Pal (, which allows you track the calories and nutritional makeup of the foods you eat each day. With a diary that allows you to enter everything from custom meals to snacks and also a feature that allows you to scan barcodes of prepackaged items, examining what you eat and how it relates to your overall weight loss goals has never been easier. Although at the beginning you need to take the time to enter in the foods you eat, over time these foods are saved in your diary for quicker tracking. Our favourite feature? Being able to  connect with friends who you can diet with so you can stay fit together. 

3. Runtastic

If you like the adrenaline rush of running but find yourself getting discouraged on solo jogs, Runtastic ( is the answer to your problems. This smartphone app, which connects to your Facebook and email account, allows you to track the distance covered and calories lost during each run and provides goal-oriented training plans, allowing your friends to cheer you on via social media during the tougher treks (you’ll never feel alone again)! Feel like you need a new route to try? Download the PRO version, which costs $4.99 at the App Store.

14 08 21 wellness1GREEN PICK: bugOff! 

A cottage getaway or weekend camping in the woods can have us fearing one thing: mosquitoes.  While DEET-filled sprays are one way to repel blood-sucking pests, Calgary’s Erin Bosch, owner of Xerion Dispensary, says there’s no need to add weighty cans or toxins to a trip outdoors.  Bosch is the creator of Mozi-Q, the world’s first all-natural homeopathic mosquito repellent pill.  Using a plant-based substance called staphysagria, the chewable pills work within 30 minutes, have no side effects and can be taken every two to three hours.  Bosch recently presented her oral homeopathic repellent on CBC’s Dragons' Den and says it’s effective at keeping not only mosquitoes at bay but blackflies and ticks also.  ($9.95 for 10 tablets , select health food retailers).