In a world full of high fat foods, desk jobs and friends that bail on the Zumba classes you both signed up for, it can be hard to keep your weight loss goal on track.

So how can you get the body you've always wanted without breaking the bank? Technology could be the answer to getting you started. The internet offers a number of individualized tools to help you lose weight for very little cash output.

We've rounded up a wide variety of the best digital tools to help you tackle weight loss.

1. Calculate a safe weight loss plan

A good online weight-tracking tool will ask about your age, weight, height and lifestyle to help create a safe plan for how many calories you should consume each day to reach your goal in a reasonable time frame. offers a number of calculators, including an ideal body weight calculator and an estimate of how much body fat you're carrying based on your measurements.

2. Track calories and get support

If you're looking for the total package, websites like and will help you create a plan and stick to it by allowing you to record the foods you've eaten each day, and doing the math for you (for free!). They also offer great articles and activity trackers, so you know if you've worked out enough to sneak in an extra donut during your coffee break.

3. Stay accountable on the go

If you're worried about calorie counting being too time consuming, there's an app for that! The Lose It! app by FitNow allows you to easily track your daily caloric intake on the go. The Calorie Counter app by FatSecret actually allows you to scan a food's bar code to automatically get nutritional information for tracking purposes.

4. Measure Get your nutrients

The 40-30-30 app by Frank Schmitt will help ensure you're getting the proper nutritional balance from the foods you eat by tracking carbs, protein and fat intake from your meals.

5. Portions Matter

Your problem may not be just the food you eat, but how much you eat. Portion sizes can be hard to gauge, and that's where the Piatto app by can help. It offers hundreds of images of proper food portions on a plate so you can make choices and visually record how much of a certain food you've eaten.

6. Eat out without worry

If you eat out a lot try using to search for popular restaurant dishes before going out (Warning: you may be disturbed by what you find out about your fave menu items). If you do find yourself at one of your favourite guilty pleasure spots, don't feel like you have to say no. The Restaurant Nutrition app by Unified Lifestyle carries menus of more than 115 chain restaurants so you can quickly make an informed decision before you chow down.

7. Learn to exercise without a trainer

If you don't know where to begin, try a workout video website like, which offers hundreds of free exercise demonstrations to help learn the proper technique.