Don’t use the chilly weather as an excuse to hang up your runners.

13 12 winter runnin tips gear

I might be Canadian, but a winter-lover, I am not. Just the thought of snow, freezing temperatures and layers of clothing make me quiver!

Rather than curl up into a ball and hibernate, I take the season for what it is, and make it better: Namely, I strap on my running shoes, along with a large amount of clothing - and go running!

I’ve run in minus double-digit temps, fingers and face near frostbite – and for what exactly?

I feel a much better after, hence why I keep doing it.

You can too! Just follow these 5 simple tips:

1. Own the forecast: Rather than look at the weather report with doom and gloom, see the minus temperatures as your cue to bundle-up and get your mind in ‘fighting’ gear. Tell yourself: “no temperature is too cold, no amount of snow (so long as the sidewalks are clear) will stop me from going outside, and getting my run done.” See and believe you can do it and you will!

2. Reward yourself with smart gear: Unlike summer months, winter demands layers of clothing. The key is picking the right apparel to guarantee ultimate warmth and comfort. Dry-fit is the only route to go here – starting with a racing tank, to long sleeve, to lightweight jacket to gloves, hat and pants. Have fun with your choices by adding colour and patterns. Don’t forget about compression wear. By layering smartly, your sweat is absorbed quickly keeping your body temperature as balanced as possible.

3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: As with any amount of exercise over forty-five minutes, replace lost sweat with water, and for runs that last over an hour replace with an electrolyte replenishment drink. You may not see sweat rolling off your forehead, but that doesn’t mean you should run on empty. A hydrated body is a better performing machine, regardless of the season or temperatures. Proper hydration also helps with recovery time, which is key for those training for a Spring half- or full marathon.

4. Embrace the feeling of running outdoors: Sure, the wind may be fierce, the sidewalks laced with salt, but rather than focus on these so-called ‘hurdles’ focus on your surroundings. Take in the beautiful snow-covered trees, the holiday lights on houses, and the blue sky with sunshine overhead. Nature is our greatest gift, meant to be adored and appreciated! By focusing on your surroundings, you will feel a greater sense of relaxation and joy – which means less time worrying about your distance or time.

5. Remember the post-run feeling: You know that feeling when you’ve completed a run, you’re hot and sweaty, ready for a healthy smoothie, shower and rewarding meal. Keep it close because you’ll want to tap into that feeling when faced with a ‘should I/shouldn’t I go for a run’ mind chatter. If it helps, take a selfie and use it as inspiration for the next run and the run after that. Tell yourself ‘it’s only temporary discomfort’ for amazing rewards. Hence why we run – to boost our endorphins, metabolism, overall health and happiness.

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