We’re not talking about plain old hot yoga.

Whether you love or hate to practice this ancient form of exercise, here are 5 new spins on this that may pique your interest.

1. Fizzy Yoga

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Kim Cattrall is swearing that a new type of yoga has helped heal her old injuries and changed her fitness routine for the better: it’s known as “Fizzy Yoga” (or “Physio Yoga”), which involves doing yoga positions and meditative breathing with a trained physical therapist instead of a yoga instructor. This means the stretches and poses are catered more to your body’s own strengths, weaknesses and limitations, with a focus on healing your personal injuries or improving individual muscle groups. After years of punishing her body with intense cardio workouts for her role in Sex and the City (which required quite a few nude scenes), Cattrall found that as she got older she couldn’t keep up her fitness level without experiencing pain or new injuries. Now, without doing cardio, she says that she’s in the best shape of her life!

2. Fat Blasting Yoga

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Hitting the mat doesn’t have to mean you don’t burn a lot of calories. There are plenty of classes that can challenge your flexibility, strength and endurance. We tried out Jillian Michaels’ new Yoga Inferno workout DVD ($14.99, at gaiam.ca and mass market retailers), which features two intense workouts (both with modified and advanced options). Both workouts include your favorite yoga poses and stretches with bursts of cardio for a full body workout in just half an hour. It’s the best of all worlds! You’ll sweat and feel more flexible post workout, plus who doesn’t love a good stretch while burning calories?

3. Pet & Baby Yoga

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Yoga doesn’t have to be a solo activity. You can include your children in your practice as well to help them learn poses and breathing techniques from a young age. Positions and postures often need to be altered to younger bodies, so if you’re going to encourage your kids to try, seek the help of professional first to avoid strain or injury.

Some may classify pet yoga as a fad, but if you like to take your pooch with you everywhere there may be the option of taking them to a pet-friendly studio. During the practice you will do stretches with your furry friend or occasionally use them to help you in a pose. (You’ll need a well-behaved animal for this one!)

4. Paddle Board and Aearial Yoga

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Changing your centre of gravity or sense of stability can take the challenge of your yoga routine to the next level, especially if you’re hoping to strengthen your core. You have several options. If you live near water, you may have the option to try on paddle boards (weather permitting), which can help intensify your workout while allowing you to commune with nature, or you can replicate this feeling at home with a balance board, like the Indo Board (www.indoboard.com).

Using a “silk,” a fabric trapeze apparatus that resembles a swing, you can also practice yoga positions in the air. While this may sound scary, you’re generally not too far from the studio floor, and the benefits include being able to stretch in new ways and making your practice far more challenging.

5. Naked Yoga

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Historically done as a way to signify the rejection of our materialistic nature, this practice has gained popularity over time amongst serious yogis. Generally, there are rules surrounding gaining entrance to such a class; Some are gender specific, while others require participants to have a certain amount of experience in the studio before they are let into a nude class, which keeps out any less-than-serious practitioners. If you’re not comfortable in the buff, try this out in the privacy of home to see if it makes you feel freer or more appreciative of your body.