13 07 vbeam birthmark acne treatmentDescription: One of the least painful laser therapies on the market, it can treat a variety of skin conditions, from spider veins to acne to port wine stains and other birthmarks.

How it’s done: It’s similar to most other laser skin therapies but with one big difference – the Dynamic Cooling Device, which sprays cool liquid on the area before the laser beam hits, which cools down the skin and makes treatment much less painful. On average, it takes three to four sessions to achieve maximum results.

Complications: Swelling and bruising, blistering and redness can occur. It is recommended that patients use a cold compress on their skin after treatment, and use two pillows the night after treatment to keep the head boosted up. Vitamin K cream may also be needed to speed healing, and it’s important to use sunscreen and gentle cleansing treatments for a week following a VBeam session.

Recovery: It’s fine to resume normal activity immediately following treatment.

Cost: From $100 to $600, depending on the surface area being treated.