13 07 smart xide anti-aging skin laserDescription: The SmartXide DOT CO2 Laser is a micro-ablative facial rejuvenation laser that can be used on all skin types and colours.

How it’s done: It's a very fast treatment, and can be performed on the entire face in fifteen minutes. Results can be achieved in a single session, but the discomfort may be increased, as well as redness and irritation afterwards, so it might be wiser to have multiple, gentler sessions. The results are smoother, healthier and younger looking skin. These results continue to improve over time and last for several years with proper sun protection and skincare.

Some lasers are now being enhanced with alternate hand pieces that deliver high doses of vitamins and nutrients to the deeper levels of the dermis. This kind of treatment can be added to a range of conventional laser treatments, and add a more advanced level of long-term skin improvement.

Complications: Complications are few but there is a chance of infection (patients must be treated with oral antiviral medication to prevent an outbreak of cold sores) and scarring (which is rare).

Recovery: Five to seven days. Redness and mild puffiness of the skin, which then turns to a bronze hue, can last for about five days. At that time, some peeling occurs and skin is very smooth. Pinkness can last for a few weeks, but once peeling has occurred, makeup can be applied to camouflage the area. Patients should avoid sun exposure for a least one month after the procedure to prevent hyper pigmentation.

Cost: Approximately $1,200.