13 08 photo rejuvenationDescription: Also known as photofacials, these treatments use intense pulse light or other thermal or chemical methods to treat everything from brown spots to rosacea. It allows for customizable treatment not just by patient, but for every section of skin.

How it’s done:  Most doctors will want to do a skin assessment before you begin the procedure, so they can decide what they will need to do for treatment. Once the skin is cleansed and mapped out, a thin layer of gel is applied and the laser handset is applied to the skin one pulse at a time. It will pinch a little with each pulse. It takes one to three treatments spaced at four weeks apart. Following treatment, dark spots may darken, and the skin may look slightly pink. Over the next few weeks, the damaged skin will flake off, revealing new, even-toned skin beneath.

Complications: Prolonged redness or swelling, darker patches of pigment, whiter patches of skin and blistering may occur.

Recovery: One to three weeks.

Cost: Starts at $425.