12 02 24 hyperdermaDescription: A topical physician-grade de-pigmentation treatment. Unlike a lot of hyperpigmentation or melasma treatments, it is safe for darker skin tones, and those with rosacea or sensitive skin.

How it’s done: Before anything can be applied, the skin is prepped with a glycolic peel. Then a mask that contains kogic acid, citric acid, licorice extract, retinol and pigment lighteners is applied and worn for ten hours. Patients are sent home with a post-care kit that comes with more of the mask (in case any of it rubs off), moisturizers and skin repairing cream. Two weeks later a spot treatment is applied. Follow ups are done regularly after treatment to make sure the regimen is being followed correctly and to maintain results. Full treatment takes three months, but results are typically seen after two weeks.

Complications: Flaking and redness, but it is managed with the products in the post-treatment kit.

Recovery: About two weeks.

Cost: $1,200, including initial and follow-up treatment and maintenance products.