13 07 microdermabrasion skin treatmentDescription: Commonly referred to as "mild sandblasting," this process is a more intense mechanical exfoliation of the skin with fine particles or diamond frays.

Working on the outermost layers of the skin, it sloughs off dead skin cells, promotes the growth of healthy, new cells and indirectly stimulates collagen production.

How it's done: Using a hand-held machine that acts like a vacuum, the skin is sprayed with fine particles or diamond frays that move over the skin to resurface, stimulate and polish the epidermal layer. It's ideal for reducing minor to moderate fine lines, scars, stretch marks, slight hyperpigmentation and provides overall skin rejuvenation. Patients getting microdermabrasion treatments will experience minimal pain. If particles are used, the treatment can feel like sand hitting the face. If diamond frays are used, it's more like sandpaper against the skin. Products with AHAs, Retin-A and glycolic acid should be discontinued 72 hours prior to the treatment and injectable fillers should be avoided for a week before and after.

Complications:  For the most part microdermabrasion treatments are safe, although diamond treatment heads are safer, as the machines that use crystals have been shown to cause allergies and breathing problems.There is a slight risk of extreme redness, local swelling, stinging, bruising, pinpoint bleeding and possible cold sore activation if the vacuum suction is set at too powerful a level.

Recovery: One day for any redness to diminish.

Cost: Ranges from $100 to $150 per session.