injectablesDescription: Dysport is a neuro modulator that temporarily reduces the movement of some upper facial muscles that cause wrinkles (similar to Xeomin and Botox). Dysport has been in Europe for 20 years, four to five years in the U.S. and was recently approved by Health Canada.

How It’s Done: The results with Dysport are softer in comparison to Botox, making it good for use in the forehead and around the eyes for the crows feet.

Recovery: None. Some see results within 24 hours, while for others results show within three days after treatment. Possible side effects include sore throat, headache, pain at the site of injection, and respiratory or sinus infections. In some cases eyelid ptosis (drooping) may occur.

Cost: Depends on the areas being targeted, but the cost is generally around $12 per unit.