juvederm volbellaDescription: “The Juvéderm family of products has been around in Canada for many years, but Juvéderm Volbella with licodaine is the newest one that is used specifically to enhance the lips and pout. Volbella gives a soft, natural look with reduced swelling in comparison to other lip fillers. It is very soft and moldable.

How it’s Done: Volbella is injected with a small needle once into the lips and periorbital area. Lasts for up to 12 months.

Recovery: Swelling of the lips; the needle can cause bruising and there is always the rare possibility of more severe side effects. With Vobella the swelling lasts from one to two days.

Cost: It is more costly than the standard lip filler because it lasts longer. It is well worth the price because of the nine - to 12-month duration,” says Dr. Bertucci.