13 07 sculptra filler Description: This is a natural fruit acid, also know as Poly-l lacic Acid, is found in sugar cane, that stimulates the body to produce its own collagen. Particles are suspended in a water-based solution.

How it's done: The microparticles are injected below the skin where they begin to stimulate collagen production as they are slowly broken down by the body. Each treatment involves multiple small needle injections on each side of your face. It works by increasing the volume of depressed areas in the face over a short time. Changes occur over time and multiple sessions (from one to three, at four to six week intervals) are required.

Recovery: Mild soreness and swelling, as well as bruising or itching, in treatment areas for a few hours up to a few days post-treatment. The product will absorb into the body in the first week and may make the original skin depressions reappear, but they should improve as the effect takes hold. It is important to massage the treated areas for five minutes, five times daily for five days after each treatment to allow for even distribution. Touch-ups may be required.

Cost: $2,000 and up (for a group of treatments), or $500 to $750 per injection.