13 07 vampire blood facelift selphylDescription: More commonly known by the brand name Selphyl, this procedure uses human growth factors—harvested from a patient's own blood—to reconstruct tissue and erase signs of aging. Selphyl is considered a truly natural filler solution.

How it's done: Blood is drawn from the patient and spun down to remove platelets and fibrin. This is mixed with a fibrin-forming catalyst, resulting in the formation of a gel-like material. These platelets hold lots of tissue-stimulating growth factors and, when injected into lines, wrinkles and depressions in the skin, attract cells to the area to stimulate new collagen production and volume. Alongside facial line and resurfacing uses, Selphyl is also used to treat hands, neck rings, décolleté and scars.

Recovery: While desired results may be achieved in one visit, most physicians recommend patients wait at least six weeks between injections. It may take up to three weeks to see plumping, with results lasting up to a year. You may see slight bruising, irritation or swelling at the site post-injection, but since Selphyl uses a patient's own blood there is virtually no risk of an allergic reaction.

Cost: $1,200 and up.