13 07 permanent makeup Description: If you have a busy schedule or allergies to certain products, permanent makeup on your eyes and lips can be a good option. Permanent colour can be applied to the eyebrows, upper and lower lash lines, as lipliner to add fullness or to the entire lip, so you don't need to apply lipstick. Permanent makeup can also be applied medically (scar camouflage).

How it's done: A trained technician will apply your permanent makeup in a procedure called micropigment implantation, which is similar to applying a tattoo.

Complications: Soreness, bruising and swelling may occur. If the makeup is not applied properly, it can be difficult to remove.

Recovery: Eyebrows: immediate; eyes: 24 to 48 hours; lips: three to five days.

Cost: Eyebrows: $500 to $950; eyes: $450 to $1,000; lips: $795 to $1,250.