Emervel injection into woman's forehead

Description: Emervel is a softer hyaluronic based family of fillers that is new to Canada (although it has been around in Europe for many years) that minimizes the visible signs of aging so one can looks less tired and healthier.  The hyaluronic acid in Emervel mimics the natural HA we have in our bodies, so it helps to provide volume, skin elasticity and also retain moisture. The family of Emervel products is a range of four products: Emervel Classic, Deep, Volume and Lips. Each of these four fillers has a different thickness, allowing for full facial rejuvenation that is both smooth and subtle in specific parts of the face.


How it’s Done: Emervel fillers are injected into the various areas of the face. The treatment is non-surgical and takes about  15 to 45 minutes in total to complete.  Classic, an HA gel, helps treat moderate wrinkles in the face, such as nasolabial folds, marionette lines and tear troughs.  Emervel lips has been formulated to blend seamlessly into the delicate lip area and has minimal swelling. It can be used for both subtle and more noticeable lip enhancement.  Emervel Deep corrects more defined wrinkles and provides a redefinition of the mid-facial region. It works in the nasolabial folds, marionette lines, tear troughs and the middle area of the face to improve definition. Emervel Volume works to provide volume to areas of the face that sag as we age, such as the cheeks and other areas that require a lot of filling.

Recovery: There is no downtime with Emervel, but as with other fillers there is risk of swelling and bruising at the injection site. (Mostly this can be avoided with a qualified injector). Results last anywhere from one year up to 18 months.

Cost: Depends on area of injection, contact a provider for a consultation.