13 07 kamra visionDescription:
  Kamra Vision is a surgical procedure “used to correct reading vision (presbyopia) for those who have lost it. “Candidates need to be over 45, the eye needs to be healthy and the cornea has to be structurally sound. For example, people with a naturally thin cornea wouldn’t qualify,” says Dr. Herzig.

How it’ s Done: Kamra Vision involves inserting a microscopic inlay into the substance of the cornea, which, in turn, creates pinhole vision and improves the depth of field so you can see clearly,” says Dr. Sheldon Herzig, MD, FRCSC.

Recovery: Overall the eyes are irritable and dry the day of the procedure. Some people have terrific reading vision the next day, but for others it takes several weeks. Patients are given lubricating drops (artificial tears) to put in the eye for quite a long time, as some will find they will lose reading vision if they fail to lubricate long enough.

Cost: “In comparison to other procedures this surgery is less expensive and only done in one eye.”