13 07 nearvisionCKDescription: This new technique is a non-laser, no incision, and no tissue removal radio frequency (RF) energy technique that reshapes the cornea to adjust its refractive attributes to bring near vision back into focus.

How it's done: A small pen shaped instrument with a Keroplast Tip that emits controlled RF is inserted around the cornea in a circular pattern that shrinks collagen and makes the cornea steeper. The circular treatment tightens the cornea, increasing its curvature, thereby giving better near vision. NearVision CK is typically performed on just one eye.

Complications: It's a temporary solution, as presbyopia is a progressive condition and only the patient's current needs can be treated with the procedure. Every patient is different and additional needs will increase as the eyes continue to age and more treatment may be required. NearVision CK can be performed up to three times on most patients with results lasting for one to five years.

Recovery: Any discomfort subsides within 24 hours of the procedure and most people can return to work the next day. Patients will experience immediate improvement in vision after the procedure but the eye usually only adjusts to the final level of reading vision after several weeks.

Cost: Approximately $1,200 per treatment.