feetDescription: The medical pedicure by Margaret Dabbs is a pedicure that is designed to maintain the health of your feet. It combines the relaxation of a spa pedicure with the medical expertise of a foot doctor. The technician starts on dry feet in order to properly examine the feet for ailments. Regular spa pedicures begin with a wet soak.  

How It’s Done: Feet are sanitized with seven per cent alcohol wipes. Toe nails are  cut straight across to minimizes the chance of getting ingrown nails. Nails are buffed and filed with a glass file. Oils are applied to the cuticles and pushed back if necessary. Callus abrasion with foot file and finished with a hydrating foot soak to energize  tired, aching feet and reduce puffiness.

Recovery: No down time or side effects.

Cost: $55 with a medical aesthetician to $100 with a foot-care specialist. It is pricier when done with a chiropodist or podiatrist.

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