lipomassageDescription: Lipomassage reactivates the fat release process known as lipolysis (the burning of fat in the fat cell) to get rid of fat deposits and imperfections in the skin through the use of a dual roller’s mechanical stimulation. Lipomassage can firm the skin, smooth cellulite and slim down fat cells or deposits through the use of the dynamic hand piece that moves in three different ways: rolling in to slim, rolling out to firm and a sucking motion to resculpt and smooth. The treatment also is great if you have lost a lot of weight and you have loose or hanging skin.

How It’s Done: During the treatment you wear a nylon body stocking so that the technician can easily contour all areas of the body with the roller and also for hygiene and privacy purposes. The treatments feels like an intense Swedish massage as the hand piece moves in several different ways to manipulate the skin and fat (a sucking motion that targets cellulite, a rolling motion which sculpts and something that feels like small fists to tighten the skin). Great for the thighs, lower back, stomach, stubborn fatty areas, hips, buttocks and arms.

Recovery: A series of two to 20 treatments (depending on the concerns you are addressing) that are each 45 minutes long, with two treatments per week is required. An individual consultation will determine your specific treatment protocol. No down time or side effects.

Cost: Variable cost depending on focus. Available in packages from spas.