carboxyDescription: Carboxytherapy is the injection of CO2 gas into the subcutaneous tissue where cellulite occurs. It reduces cellulite by stretching the tissue, which helps break down the subcutaneous band that causes the unattractive dimpling. The CO2 diffuses into the extracellular fluid which stimulates increased blood flow and CO2 delivery to the tissue, thus increasing oxygen flow. The ideal candidate is anyone who has a good diet, is well hydrated, active and has a normal body weight.

How it’s Done: The treatment is administered with the Carbossi machine, which has simple tubing and a 30-gauge needle attached that is inserted into the tissue. It can be performed on any area including neck/chin, abdomen, hips, buttocks and legs. Each treatment takes about 20 to 30 minutes and can be done up to twice a week.

Recovery: No downtime. Results begin to be seen after 10 treatments.

Cost: Ranges based on the areas being treated.