liposonixDescription: A high-energy ultrasound body contouring system that specifically targets the abdominal area. LipoSonix destroys fat cells in the body with ultrasound technology. Once the ultrasound passes through the skin, “it focuses on the fat layer 1.3 cm below the skin’s surface, destroying cells and reducing the thickness of the fat,” says Dr. Fred Weksberg, MD, FRCPC, a Toronto cosmetic dermatologist.

How it’s Done: Patients lie down while the machine's arm attachment focuses ultrasound energy on the area below the skin. The heat ensures some of the fat cells will eventually die and pass through the body's lymphatic system slowly. It requires only a single one hour treatment. It works best on people who are close to their ideal weight. It takes a few months for the treatment to fully take effect and the results are permanent. During the treatment patients may experience discomfort, prickling, cold and tingling.

Recovery: Post-treatment patients experience swelling, bruising, discomfort and redness for up to seven to 14 days. Bruising can last between two to four weeks and post treatment skin may often become firm or hard, which will take a few months to resolve.

Cost: $2,000 to $2500