cellulazeDescription: Cellulaze is a noninvasive, non-topical treatment for cellulite, which uses laser technology to zap away dimpled skin. It has shown a 50 to 70 percent improvement of cellulite in clinical trials. 

How it’s done: A local anesthetic is applied. The cosmetic surgeon will make small incisions and then use a single-wavelength laser to tighten the fibrous bands holding the skin down (thus eliminating the ripples and dimples under the skin). Treatments take two hours. Only one treatment is necessary, though it can take up to six months for the results to show themselves. Treatment is primarily for the legs, buttocks, and outer thighs. Weight is not an issue for patients who want this treatment, because cellulite has less to do with weight and more with how thin your skin is, but you need to have good skin quality and thickness.

Complications: Bruising and swelling can occur. Since small incisions are made, there is a very small risk of scarring and infection.

Recovery: You’ll have bruising and need to wear a compression garment for two weeks.

Cost: Approximately $4,500, depending on the area to be treated.