accentDescription: This treatment for cellulite (the abnormal storage of fat cells in the hypodermis) sculpts and tightens skin with radio frequencies and electrical energies. In a pilot study, a 65 per cent reduction in the appearance of cellulite was noted and average hip size was reduced by 3.2 cm after a series of 10 treatments at one-week intervals.

How it's done: Accent uses MSQ (a combination of radio frequencies and electrical energies) to stretch the fibrous bands and reduce the dimpling of cellulite. The fat cells are also broken down and absorbed, the metabolism of the area is increased for a smoother appearance and for a general reduction in hip, thigh and stomach size.

Complications: Accent is not suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, people fitted with pacemakers, diabetics or on photosensitizing drugs

Recovery: Minimal, no special suits or stockings are required.

Cost: $150 to $500.