mesotherapyDescription: Mesotherapy has been used for years to treat various conditions, such as sports injuries and chronic pain. In North America, it is used to reduce fat – a procedure often called lipodissolve.

How it's done: Mesotherapy uses a fine set of needles to inject vitamins, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid into the middle layer of the skin. The substance oxidizes fat and increases cell metabolism. The procedure works best on small areas, such as the jowls, fat under the chin, bags under the eyes or fat under the armpit. You'll need three to five treatments at least two weeks apart. It can also reduce cellulite by increasing fat oxidation and breaking down the fibrous tissue to make it more flexible. You'll need four to 10 treatments one week apart to see a reduction in cellulite appearance.

Complications: Swelling and bruising. In rare cases, an abscess or allergy to the injectable may occur. Some patients may not respond to this treatment or experience an uneven result.

Recovery: One to two weeks.

Cost: $200 to $500/treatment.