body Description: Bella Contour is a non-invasive body contouring system that can smooth and shape problem areas, as well as tighten skin, using a combination of 3 proven technologies — ultrasound therapy, electrical current, and lymphatic draining technologies.

How it's done: The Bella Contour system uses its unique REAL (Resonant Amplification of Lipid Metabolism) system to shrink, rather than eliminate, fat cells. It stimulates fat cells to release their lipids, which are then flushed out of the body via natural metabolic processes. Treatment sessions last about 50 minutes, and are relaxing, comfortable and pain-free. Treatment requires at least 4-10 sessions, but they can be repeated as often as every two days, meaning full treatment can be completed in a little over one week. Most patients see a visible improvement after the first session, and 92 per cent see a reduction of at least 4 cm.

Complications: Patients may experience slight redness on the skin's surface immediately after treatment, which will only last a few minutes.

Recovery: Patients can return to regular activity immediately after a treatment.

Cost: $290 - $375 per treatment. A minimum of four sessions is about $1,400.