13 07 coolglide laser hair removalDescription: The Cutera CoolGlide is a long pulse laser for the permanent reduction of hair. It is safe and effective for all skin types (light to dark) as well as fine to coarse hair. 

How it's done: The laser is attracted to the melanin found deep in the hair follicle.  This attraction, or transference of energy, heats the follicle, thereby safely eliminating it.  If the follicle is in a growth stage, the hair is permanently removed. Four to eight treatments are required per body part to eliminate hair.

Complications: Minor blistering and pigmentation changes are possible but not likely with proper use.

Recovery: Slight redness on the skin may be visible for a day or two.

Cost: Pricing varies depending on the clinic and area being treated, but approximately $100 to $200 per 15 minute session.