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Nurture strong and beautiful hair with the help of Nioxin.


If hair loss runs in your family, chances are that even though you have a beautiful head of hair at the moment, thinning hair could be in your future. Although many of us treat hair loss as a problem that can only be dealt with once the strands of hair shed, by taking the right steps to nurture a healthy scalp, we can actually keep our locks looking amazing for longer. Enter Nioxin, a fully loaded hair care system complete with an in-salon scalp treatment, an at-home hair care system and styling products that help one maintain thick and healthy hair and stave off hair thinning and hair loss.

Nioxin Scalp Renew Dermabrasion Treatment
This in-salon treatment that’s added to your hair washing at the sink is literally a facial for your scalp to remove unwanted buildup, sebum and plugs (a.k.a. oil secretions under the skin that are waiting to erupt) from your hair follicles for a healthier scalp environment. Recommended every four to six weeks, the treatment is left on for 10 minutes and massaged into the scalp before rinsed out to remove buildup that regular shampooing can’t. My scalp felt refreshed and there was an invigorating tingling sensation as I waited with the treatment on—think of it as a mint for your hair or a spa day for your scalp.

Post-treatment, I was sent home with a customized program of products for me to use at home, including the Nioxin Hair System Kit 5 ($49.98) that has a Cleanser, Conditioner and Scalp Treatment designed to work with my normal, chemically treated hair (I colour my hair regularly). For styling, I was given the Nioxin 3D LightPlex Definition Creme ($16.48) and Thermi Activ Protector ($16.48) for added volume (to help maintain hair density) and the ProThick Strong Hold Niospray ($18.98) (to keep my styles in place for hours at a time). The hairspray also helps keep each hair strand separate from each other, as it has a polymer that wraps around each strand. The LightPlex maintains hair density—one of the major causes of hair loss—while ProThick works to keep up the hair’s diameter. The best part? These styling products are water soluable, so they rinse away easily, leaving behind a healthy scalp.


Pictured here, the before and after of Amanpreet’s scalp with the use of the Scalp Renew treatment and Hair System Kit 5. As you can see, the scalp was much cleaner and each hair was free of buildup, which allows for optimal growth of thicker and fuller hair when the follicles aren’t plugged.