13 07 dental implantsDescription: No longer do you have to wait to have a gap from a damaged tooth filled. Dentists are now trained to remove a tooth and place an implant the same day, for a permanent, natural looking and feeling smile.

How it’s done: A tiny titanium post is surgically inserted into the jawbone, and a prosthetic tooth is placed on top. It can be done for a single tooth or multiple teeth. Those in good health qualify, and those with one systemic disease, such as diabetes, hypertension or rheumatoid arthritis are good candidates for the process. Patients with two or more major health issues are typically not recommended to undergo the procedure. This procedure is not recommended for smokers.

Complications: Some rare complications can include uncontrolled bleeding/bleeding from the nose, air emphysema, aspiration of surgical instruments, nerve damage, lock jaw, loss of bone around the implant, darkened gum tissue around the implant, a “gummy” smile, chronic inflammation, uncontrollable pain post surgery, misplacement of the implant, occlusal or bite disharmony, lack of space between the upper and lower arches (interocclusal), a fractured buccal plate and an implant getting lost in the sinus.

Recovery: You will have to wait a couple of days to start eating regular food. 

Cost: $3,500 and up, per tooth, depending on the materials used, placement procedures, restorative options and professional experience.

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