lapbandDescription: The Lap-Band is an adjustable band that is placed around the upper stomach to help control appetite and weight related health issues. It creates a small stomach pouch above the band, with the larger part of the stomach below the band. The band controls the opening between the two parts of the stomach. The upper part fills with each bite of solid food, causing patients feel satisfied with a smaller portion of food.

How it’s done: This out-patient procedure that takes 30 to 40 minutes to perform and is done laparoscopically. The Lap-Band is adjustable with a simple office visit, so weight loss is maintained in the majority of patients.

Complications: Most complications are minor and rare. They include esophagitis (inflammation of the esophagus), gastritis (inflammation of the stomach), dehydration, gallstones and gastric erosion.

Recovery time: Patients are able to leave the clinic within two hours of surgery and it takes most patients about four to five days before they can return to work.

Cost: $16,000.

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