micro lipoDescription: Micro Lipo is a minimally invasive sculpting treatment that uses smaller tools than traditional liposuction to target areas of stubborn fat, like under the chin, the inner thighs or around the knees. It’s ideal for people who are already happy with their body and are looking to sculpt areas that are resistant to diet and exercise.

How it’s done: Local anesthetic is used on the treatment area, and a tiny cannula is used to suction away pockets of fat. The time it takes depends on the area of the treatment, but bruising and swelling is much less than with traditional liposuction.

Complications: Bleeding, tenderness, swelling and bruising can occur. More serious side effects are extremely rare.

Recovery: Depends on where you have it done: under the chin and you can walk right out of the office, where other facial treatments can take up to 10 days to heal.

Cost: $2,500 to $3,600, depending on size of treatment area.