breast reconstructionDescription: This surgery is designed to reconstruct one or two breasts, as necessary, with the goal of creating two balanced and symmetrical breasts. If you've lost a breast due to a mastectomy, or if one of your breasts is underdeveloped, you may benefit from this surgery. Cancer survivors find that it helps them heal emotionally, and women with uneven breasts report a boost to their self-esteem after reconstruction.

How it's done: Breast reconstruction is performed in one of two ways: 1) utilizing your own body's tissue from areas such as the abdomen, back or buttocks; 2) utilizing tissue expanders to stretch the skin and then inserting a breast implant in a second stage.

Complications: When using your own tissue, complications include scars at the donor site and potential muscle weakness. With implant procedures, complications are similar to those seen in breast augmentation.

Recovery: Varies, depending on the type of reconstruction: two to four weeks for implant procedures; four to six weeks for procedures utilizing your body's own tissue.

Cost: In general in Canada, breast reconstruction is deemed a medically indicated procedure and is covered by provincial health plans. Implants cost $6000 to $8000.

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