hammer toeDescription: Often caused by bunions, hammer toes are contracted and crooked second, third or forth toes that bend upward. If a bunion is the cause, hammer toes usually occur when a person's big toe shifts towards and under laps the smaller toes. Excessively long toes or second and third toes that are longer than the big toe- a condition common in women - can also cause the toes to buckle if shoes are not fitted properly. This will cause tendons to shorten, which can lead to boney changes.

How it's done: Performing a very quick, minimally invasive procedure and using local freezing, a podiatrist can release the tightened and contracted soft tissue and shorten and realign the crooked bone. No stitches or metal implements are required.

Cost: When done alongside bunion surgery, fixing hammer toes often involves a small additional cost. MIS for hammer toes alone costs approximately $1,600 to $1,900 per foot.