buttocksDescription: As opposed to a buttock lift, buttock implants involve actual saline implants being inserted into the buttocks area (instead of fat from the patient’s body). It can achieve much more dramatic results than a lift.

How it’s done: The implants are generally placed above the sitting area, and a consultation is crucial to ensure symmetry and placement, so the results look as natural as possible. Like breast implants, they can be placed between muscle and fat or beneath the muscle, or even placed inside the muscle. Your surgeon will discuss with you what they think is best.

Complications: Swelling, bruising, pain, skin irregularities, sclerosis, fluid collection or seroma and changes in skin sensitivity can occur. More serious complications include infection, embolism, implant protrusion, skin necrosis, nerve injury and complications due to anesthesia.

Recovery: You will be able to return to regular activity after two weeks, but it takes up to six months to fully heal. You’ll have to sleep on your stomach for two weeks. You will not be able to shower and will have to wear compression bandages for a few days.

Cost: $8,000

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