buttocks Description: Also known as a ‘Brazilian butt lift’, this sculpting surgery reshapes flat, square or A-shaped behinds into slightly firmer and rounder versions by using fat from the patient’s own body. It does not use implants, but real fatty tissue, so the results are much more natural looking and feeling (with the bonus of losing inches from the waist or other problem areas).

How it’s done: Fat is liposuctioned from areas like the abdomen or love handles, and is then processed and injected into the buttocks. This means the procedure can only be done as long as the patient has adequate fat stores that can be removed without leaving a depression behind. The results of this surgery is much more subtle than implants, so if you’re looking for dramatic results, this is not the surgery to choose.

Complications: Reabsorbtion of the transferred fat, skin droopiness, and asymmetrical buttocks can occur. These three are not serious or life threatening, and can be fixed with a second procedure. More serious complications include infection, bleeding, wound healing problems, prolonged fluid drainage, changes in skin sensation, blood clotting or scaring, but these are very rare and easily treatable.

Recovery: Patients have to avoid sitting for two weeks to allow optimal healing.

Cost: Starts at $7000, but actual costs depend on how complicated the surgery is and how long it will take.

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