water assisted body jetDescription: The Body-Jet (also known as water lipo or H2o lipo) is a gentler way of doing liposuction that uses a stream of water to dislodge fat. It is a much gentler than traditional liposuction because it does not use pressure to suck the fat out of the body. Traditional liposuction causes small blood vessels to rupture, which leads to more swelling and bruising. The Body-Jet uses significantly less pressure, so recovery times are reduced. It is best for patients who are less than 25 pounds overweight, not people with a significant amount of fat to be removed. It’s also a good option for correcting previous procedures.

How it’s done: Patients are put under local anesthetic or twilight sedation according to their preference. A small incision is made in a non-visible spot on the body, and the Body-Jet uses a small spray of water to dislodge fat, which can then be either harvested for use in another part of the body, or discarded. The procedure takes one to three hours, depending on the area treated.

Complications: There is a small risk of rippling, particularly if the canula goes too close to the skin, and there have been a few cases where cellulite has actually increased.

Recovery: Patients are usually able to return to work the day after surgery. More vigorous activity can be resumed in two weeks. However, it does take two to three months for the swelling to completely subside and the skin to tighten itself.

Cost: Starts at $4500.

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