12 12 paper lashes apply false eyelashesWhen we’re heading out for a night on the town, not just any mascara will do. We’re tapping into the dramatic lash trend by applying some artistic flair.

MICHA Paper Lashes ($12.95, at premium spas and salons. Visit michalash.com for locations) can be customized by cutting down the paper lashes on a slant and only applying them to the ends of our lashes. It’s a creative twist on the winged lashes look and inspired by the ancient art of paper cutting. MICHA Paper Lashes are available in Peony, Ocean, Blossom and Peacock.

12 12 paper lashes apply false eyelashes peopny butterfly ocean

Watch a quick video tutorial from SalonMagazine.ca and learn how to apply MICHA Paper Lash with tips from makeup artist Joa Caba.