See how one patient's new crowns changed his smile outlook.

Name: Bill

AGE: 57

PROCEDURE: Five EMax porcelain crowns and equilibration

PERFORMED BY: Dr. Brian Friedman

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ELEVATE Why did you seek out help for your smile?

BILL: I’d been experiencing problems with my front teeth constantly chipping and after realizing that bonding wasn’t a permanent solution, I decided to look for a fix that would be long term.

ELEVATE How did you choose Dr. Friedman as your dentist?

BILL: My wife and I had been treated by his predecessor about 18 years ago, and when Dr. Friedman purchased the business, our relationship started from there. He’s been our family dentist for 14 years and, we’ve had nothing but great things to say about him from the beginning.

ELEVATE Was the procedure what you expected?

BILL: In terms of pain it was about what I expected, though I didn’t foresee that the process to ensure the porcelain crowns were to Dr. Friedman’s quality standards would be so time-consuming. He uses a third-party service for them and ended up sending them back three times because they weren’t right in his mind. Once I saw the finished product, I was glad and impressed that he’d been as particular as he was. I couldn’t ask for a better end result.

ELEVATE Would you recommend Dr. Friedman to others?

BILL: I would, no question. His level of care is outstanding for everyday dental procedures, and the same is true for specialized treatments. My wife and I travel a fair distance to see him, but having received the care we have for such a consistent amount of time, we wouldn’t consider going to anyone else. I couldn’t be happier with the work he’s done.


Dr. Brian Friedman, DDS, Dr. Brian S. Friedman,

ELEVATE What were Bill’s initial concerns with his smile?

DR. FRIEDMAN: Interestingly and somewhat commonly, the concerns with Bill’s chipping teeth were solely his wife’s. He was not concerned about the appearance of his smile to the degree that his wife was.

ELEVATE What procedures did you perform and why?

DR. FRIEDMAN: Five porcelain crowns were placed in the upper portion of his mouth, and equilibration (a method of distributing the pressures on the teeth evenly to avoid any one tooth receiving excessive forces) was done to reduce the chance of the dental work fracturing. An orthopaedic night guard was recommended because the wear we see on the teeth pre-treatment was due to grinding. Ultimately, the patient  did not wear the night guard made because he didn’t feel he would be able to sleep with it on.

ELEVATE How long did the procedure take, and who is the ideal candidate?

DR. FRIEDMAN: Equilibration takes about three one-hour appointments spread over six weeks to complete.

To prepare a tooth to receive a crown, the tooth is pared down to about 1.5 millimetres around the sides and off the biting edges. The five crowns took approximately four-to-five hours to prepare and to fabricate provisional crowns, which are removed at the time the permanent all-porcelain crowns are bonded about one-to-two weeks later.

In terms of the ideal candidate, anyone who wants to see a significant improvement in his/her smile and is motivated to keep it that way through homecare is who we look for. The ideal candidate is also an educated candidate. One who is curious, asks questions and thinks about the needs and reasons for treatment options.

ELEVATE What’s the average cost these procedures?

DR. FRIEDMAN: Costs vary but the equilibration fee was $1,050 and each crown costs approximately $1,600.